Wild Jamaica

Negril Lighthouse was built at the turn of the 20th century. It’s a beautiful and grand structure that’s completely worth the hassle of convincing a group of smokers to let you see it.

I graciously thanked the boss-scout for helping me secure the shot despite all of his hustling. The guarding walked back to his friends, glad to be rid of me when I made it back to the boss-scout and my party. I gave him $10 USD for the aid, which judging by his eyes, seemed far more than he was expecting. As a token of equal gratitude, he gave me two mangos from his backpack that he said he had picked. I was overcome with relief, adrenaline, and true joy. I had my pictures, the boss-scout had his hustle, the guardian had his weed, and my family had found me. Everyone won. I shook has with the boss-scout who revealed his name as “Lloyd” when I asked. Suddenly, I wanted to know more about him, to sit down for longer and chat about Jamaica, but there wouldn’t be time. I did get to ask him about his age, about what he was eating that allowed him at such an advanced age to climb fences and such the way he did.