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Cinematographer + Editor

I am a filmmaker and content developer producing works through my production studio, Seidist, based in New Orleans, LA. I have filmed across America and abroad, with large brands, artists and actors, and have done stories for national and international media outlets. I specialize in bringing stories to life by creating content with depth, spirit, and purpose. If you’d like to work with me on your next project, feel free to contact me.


I provide range of services from video work as a DP, photography/aerial photography, design (web + print). Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about services outside of these to see if I might be a fit for your next project. 


I began my career in video work starting with my love and passion for music videos. Video and film twist and distort; enhance and clarify reality in ways that ways that inspire, innovate, and ignite imagination. I’ve always been most fond of this medium of visual expression and consider it my strongest.

Full HD (1080p) + 4K Capabilities both on the ground and in the air (DRONE)


Before the advent of video and the age of screens, there were photos. Without words, they could and still do convey moments that themselves have come to define and embody entire epochs, inspiring people across time with devastating immediacy and an uncanny intimacy. Photos are forever. 

Commercial + Editorial / Print +Events + Fashion + Architecture + Aerial (DRONE) + Timelapse 


Through technology, we have gained unprecedented access to the skies through the use drones. Across a number of industries, there has been an increasing need for aerial services. Whether it’s for film, the heavy industries, real estate marketing, include aerial services take your project to the next level.

Cinematography (Film / Television) + Industrial Inspections + Real Estate / Online Marketing

Seidist Symbol


Mission + Philosophy

I believe that art as well as marketing and content can be beautiful, authentic, and accessible for individuals and brands that have established, well defined legacies as well as those who might be starting off. I began Seidist in order to occupy as space where I could service both poles with content that’s competitive at either end from a quality perspective and is manifestly resonant as an art product. Seidist is a portmanteau of sei (Japanese for saint) as a prefix and the suffix -dist for followers or adherents of said prefix that plays on another word entirely. More simply, however, it’s an affectionate and playful homage to my hometown, New Orleans, and our football team, the Saints. It captures both the light and dark, piety and debauchery that are fundamental to and emblematic of the foundation of New Orleans as well as my art. I believe the responsibility of creatives, as well as the mission of this company, is to inspire, innovate, and ignite creation and wonder in all of our works so that it may have a perpetual influence on others and their works on others and so on. This is represented in my symbol, (some have affectionately dubbed “the egg”) which embodies growth in one’s level of consciousness endlessly, a minimalist take on the 1000 petaled lotus, the symbol for samsara or perpetual rebirth. Namaste and Who Dat.

What They're Saying

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the course of my career. Here’s a few testimonials from some of my favorites.

Neil M. | Knack Training

Travis scouted the day before, showed up early, took initiative and direction both very well. Beautiful finished work. I will hire Travis again in a second.

Lynette S. | Lightswitch

Since that first project I’ve hired Travis for multiple other video projects and have always been glad that I did. Travis is punctual, professional with clients and always provides quality video work. Whenever I need video work done in the New Orleans area he is the first one I reach out to!

Brock S. | MSNBC

Travis was great to work with. He listened to direction, but he was also able to produce on a tight schedule and make quick decisions on his own when necessary. He delivered everything on time and was always available to talk about the project.