Wild Jamaica


Be sure to stop at Rick’s Cafe for good drinks, music, and a killer sunset.

Our next destination was Rick’s Cafe, a lively and scenic bar location that is seen as a bit of an alternative to the beach. Alton personally wanted to bring us here. It seemed to be the place where they stuffed all of the beautiful people. Save the huts and indoor bar, Rick’s was a sturdy venue that seemed to be carved out of the island itself–sitting on the westernmost edge of Jamaica. Some of the best sunsets can be seen from there. Rick’s also has a “Hard”, “Harder”, “Ultra”  and “Insane” difficulty diving platforms which draw people from all over to try their grit out on them. The “hard” jump is hard because it’s about 5 feet high and requires you to…well… jump into the ocean. “Harder” and “Ultra” jumps are accessible by potential divers who form queues and differ by their heights, 20 and 35 feet respectively. “Insane” cost $20 dollars, but for the extra money, you can climb another 20 or so feet up on a wood built ladder and from a think plank, jump 50 feet into the ocean. I wasn’t brave enough, and neither was anyone else to be fair. The “insane” jump is usually taken on by Rick’s staff as a sort of in-house trick and hourly spectacle that you have to see to believe.