Raw Arizona

From the station, Chinle transforms into Canyon de Chelly.  It was the first place on my trips that I was able to get a sense of about how high up I was, at least 6000ft at last check. Canyon de Chelly has a northern and southern route. Spider Rock, the most famous of its attractions is the last site of the southern route, an approximately 25min trip each way. When I arrived, I saw two guys chatting amongst themselves. Passing them, we exchanged pleasantries. One was an Asian guy in his mid-20s named Dave that was traveling on his own from Pasadena to Chicago. He had a gypsy vibe about him and a cat print on the back of his hoodie. Like me, he was there to see Spider Rock and it was his first time. The other guy was coming into his gray, Indigenous, and familiar with the area. He just seemed to be chilling out, leisurely chatting up strangers. He had no stress in his eyes. Before going out to see Spider Rock, upon learning I was from New Orleans, shouted “Who What!” in apparent admiration for the Saints. I corrected him with a roaring “Who Dat!” and he joined me for a quick chant. Laughing, he shooed me away to enjoy the site and said that the only two teams he roots for are the Saints and the Vikings. Unexpected to say the least.