Raw Arizona

To get my time-lapse,  I headed to South Mountain, a group of mountains, unsurprisingly, south of Phoenix that are reported to have great views of the city. When I got there, I had planned to take the hike to the top to get the view from the summit but came to the realization that the hike would be overly strenuous for the reward of a good view of Phoenix. Apparently, I could get as decent a view with a brisk hike up one of the smaller foothills the park attendant recommended. This was also convenient because I had (drum-roll) saguaro cacti spread about it. It was a complete win. Being closer to the city, the foothills seemed more attended than anything I had seen the entire week. There were families, a bridal party taking their wedding pictures, pickup soccer games, and various couples enjoying the view. There was also graffiti and surprisingly trash, which I found both visually interesting but ultimately depressing. None of that was going to stop me from getting my view of Phoenix though, shitty people aside.