Raw Arizona

The rental company’s computers were down. Their sheer lack of fucks seemed to indicate that the computer error wasn’t rare. As they shuffled back and forth, attending to the line at a slugs pace, I made small-talk with a few of people about whatever people talk about in unmoving lines, other than the fact that the line wasn’t moving. One girl had an ill-fitting University of Arkansas hoodie on. Like me, I assumed she was new to the state and made an appeal to that. “You’re from Arkansas?”, I asked. She looked down, somewhat taken off-guard from the question and replied “oh this? This is a mistake” with a wry, defeated laugh. “I’ve driven through Arkansas”, I quipped. “It totally is”. She informed me that she was a local and kindly recommended a number of local eats, of which a strip-mall Thai joint called Red Thai that has a surprisingly bomb selection of pan-Asian and Thai dishes and beer as well as a seizure-inducing projection of random mahou shojou (lit. Magic Girl) style Anime cartoons on the wall behind the bar (think Sailor Moon). Dizzying, yet entertaining videos aside, Red Thai is worth hitting up.