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If you like hip-hop and something a little off the beaten path, you might like the string of FREE projects alt-rapper RhymeSchemePatternz (Scheme) has been putting out under for his newest project, the V1RU5 CTRL E9 (Virus Control EP). The project features 7 tracks in total where Scheme raps over original as well as remixed scores from horror video games and movies. At its core, the V1RU5 CTRL E9 is a concept mixtape that deals with theme’s of loss as well as growth in the face of inexplicable tragedy…and of course zombies. Click here to see photos from the project

Track Listing:

  1. N3ME51S
  2. 5HATTR3D M3M0R1E5
  3. Z0MBI3 /7ICK3R
  4. A1R
  5. S1L3NT H17L5
  6. R3D PYRAM1D5
  7. F0RG1V3 / F0RG3T

If you’re in the mood for something new, give the V1RU5 CTRL E9 a listen at Scheme’s website, here. In the meantime, check out a couple of my favorites from the project, 5HATTR3D M3M0R1E5 (Shattered Memories)–a thematic sequel Scheme’s debut release, Memory Loss and Z0MBI3 /7ICK3R (Zombie/Licker).

Shattered Memories (1)